Services Provided Self-Employment Services will help guide you through the process of becoming an entrepreneur.


Easter Seals Self-Employment Services starts with providing an assessment for self-employment of initial feasibility and key issues, including referrals to local resources. Our specialist will give individualized assistance in business plan development with a guide to development and referrals to classes or other community resources that may help in creating the business.  The Self-Employment Specialist will also provide a business plan review and assessment.


With the help of our specialist, Easter Seals Self -Employment Services will address the many questions that come along with creating a new business. Some of these include questions on what sort of accommodations for disability issues can be made in a specific business, if self-employment is the best option for this individual, if the business idea is feasible, how the idea is financed and what other factors need to be accounted for in order to be a successful business?